How to Install a Whole House Water Filter

Over time, too much of these minerals can build up in your home’s plumbing, restricting flow and leaving deposits around faucet nozzles. A water softener uses an electro-chemical process to remove calcium, magnesium and other minerals from the home’s water supply. You install it immediately in line after the main water shutoff valve. This is typically in the utility or furnace room in the basement. Do not place the unit in an area where the temperature may drop below freezing. Clip the supplied C-clips into place. Solder a degree elbow to the pipe. Cut a length of tubing long enough to connect the bypass assembly to the degree elbow.

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I have used shark bite products before with the same result. The Sharkbites solved that problem big time. They were so simple to install and I had expected leaks from the push to connect end but following instructions to make sure the end of the pipe is square and clean I was pleasantly surprised that there were no leaks!

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It can also be hooked up to a standalone descaling or softening system. With this technology, the structure of hard minerals is altered into a crystal structure. As a result of this, the minerals will not bind together to form scale buildup. The water conditioning reduces excess iron in the water , also reducing the adverse effects of scale. It efficiently reduces existing buildup, which will result in an extended life of the pipes and appliances. It uses the same NAC technology for reducing the effects of scale excess iron.

By removing chlorine and harsh contaminants from your water, it will result in a healthier and softer skin and hair. It will also make the air in your house cleaner by reducing the harsh chemicals that vaporize in shower steam. The Rhino system features upgraded components.


Box , Denton, TX pwp purewaterproducts. Call us at We offer free tech support by phone if you have a problem in installation or service. If you need an outdoor water filter to make chlorine-free water for your petunia bed or your dog’s water bowl, to reduce the hardness in the water you use to wash your car or rinse your patio, or to remove the chemicals and chlorine from the water that fills your outdoor fish pond, here’s the easy and inexpensive way.

Gold Water Softener. Softens your water and removes up to 5ppm of clear water iron. Once the simple program is set, just add water softening salt when required and relax!

Wrap Teflon tape around the treads of the pipe fitting. Screw the fittings into the head cap and secure tightly with an adjustable wrench. Before installing the filter, turn off the water supply. Turn on a faucet to relieve pressure in the line. Determine the best place to install the filter. Cut out a section of the pipe using a tube cutter, depending on the type of pipes you have.

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This system is very large, big enough to be used for a business. The filters last a long time as well. Water tastes great – we are very

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A water softener bypass valve is used to regulate the need of the water softener. The homeowner can easily bypass the softener altogether if they do not need it for specific uses. Installation of the water softener bypass valve is a simple process. Before you cut any pipes along the water line you must first assemble the bypass valve according to the manufacturer’s directions. Step 2 – Cut Water Line Determine where the water softener bypass valve will be placed and cut the water line with the pipe cutters.

Run some emery paper over the edges to remove any burrs. Step 3 – Apply Flux to Pipe Once you have sanded the edges of the pipes, apply some flux to both the pipe and the bypass valve. Step 4 – Assemble Valve to Pipe Run the pipe into the bypass valve. Once it is pushed as far as it will go, turn on the torch and heat the intersection. Step 5 – Solder the Pipe As the pipe heats, you can touch the pipe with the solder. The solder will then melt around the pipe and form a watertight seal between the bypass valve and the pipe.


Connect Water Source to Inlet. Make sure Softener is standing upright for use. Connect outlet to point of use.

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I have used shark bite products before with the same result. Not great with soldering, so I read about Sharkbites. When I turned on the water, no leaks. I marked the pipe at 1 inch to make sure I pushed the connector on far enough. The Sharkbites solved that problem big time. They were so simple to install and I had expected leaks from the push to connect end but following instructions to make sure the end of the pipe is square and clean I was pleasantly surprised that there were no leaks!

The simplicity of the hose is amazing. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but makes the job so much easier.

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It is just plain crazy. There are so many “Fly by night” companies out there that it should be the very FIRST rule in your decision making process. It is your first, and sometimes ONLY, line of defense. Just look at our home page to see our many appropriate certifications. You will find them all in the top third of the page. Water Filters of America:

Energy-efficient and water-saving dishwashers may have the most up-to-date technology, but thankfully they have the same three basic connections dishwashers have been using for decades: a water supply, a drain line, and an electrical hookup.

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How to Install a Whole-House Water Softener