We find it hard to accept that the surest path to a better mix is getting a better understanding of EQ, compression, and balance and then using a few simple hacks like mixing in mono and referencing pro recordings. None of which costs you any money. I think we simply enjoy spending money on things and love living as if we are one purchase away from happiness. Honestly, I use it on every mix and without a doubt my mixes are better for it. OK, enough build up. My trusty Behringer Behritone speaker.

Beginner Tutorial: How to connect your S2/S4 to Speakers and Headphones

I was looking for studio monitors that would serve the purpose of audio mixing and desktop speakers for casually listening to music. I did some research online but I decided it made more sense to shop for speakers in-person so I took a trip to Guitar Center. Luckily, they had several studio monitors connected for auditioning. It has an 8″ woofer, 1″ soft dome tweeter, and rear port. JBL claims that the Wave Guide enhances stereo imaging for a wider sound stage.

Jan 08,  · Just got my 6″ KRK Rokit monitors, pics of setup, also need help connecting. Discussion in ‘The Vestibule’ started by Synthetic_Craze, Jan 7,

Antillas Luca Moretti, more popularly known as Antillas, is a renowned producer and DJ with a long history of remixing and producing music for an array of acclaimed artists, including Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Markus Schulz, Clannad, Simply Red, and Snap! Jordan Rudess For Jordan Rudess, success stems from his fingertips. The world-renowned keyboardist plays piano with Dream Theater, an American progressive metal band highly regarded for the technical proficiency of its players.

Jason Hook Jason Hook is a man of many hats. First and foremost, he’s the guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, a metal band he joined in early , who’s first offering together, War Is The Answer, debuted as number 7 on the Billboard Top album chart. But when Hook isn’t on the road with the band, co-headlining music festivals such as the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with Rob Zombie, or launching his own signature M4-Sherman guitar with Gibson, Hook is also a record producer, songwriter, solo artist and home recording studio owner.

Thaddeus Dixon A dedicated music director, drummer, and music producer, Thaddeus Dixon lives to create music and perform. While Dixon is a star, he would much rather focus on his craft than his fame. In doing so, he has inspired adolescents and young adults everywhere with his captivating journey and insurmountable passion. Rishi Rich Award-winning songwriter and producer Rishi Rich is one of the most successful international music producers to date.

Born in Britain and of Sikh heritage, he has been in the music business for 15 years, signing on to work on his first album at the tender age of 15, under the production of 2Kool. Burman and Soul2Soul as major influences. Harmony “H-Money” Samuels When it comes to bringing out the best of a recording artist’s talent and style on an album or single, super-producer Harmony “H-Money” Samuels has few rivals.

Having worked with a long list of today’s most popular vocalists and musicians, including Brandy, Mary J.

How do I hook up 2 computers to work with 1 monitor

We all know that YouTube is the number one source for videos online. Of course you can use YouTube directly and sing along with it without any additional equipment. Just play the songs from YouTube on your device and sing along. This maybe the same set of speakers used by your mic or another set of speakers. There are more simple ways of doing karaoke without the need for microphones and TVs such as the use of Apps in your mobile devices or computers.

This would depend on how you would want to your karaoke home system to be.

Hi, I just ordered some KRK Rokit 5’s today and I need to know how to connect it to my controller. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be using Studio Monitors for DJ’ing, but it’s a huge upgrade from my current speakers.

Now I can build a stereo system! Reply Mr D March 13, at 6: Now this old hippie can rock n roll all night long and party everyday! D Reply William B. Feemster July 9, at 8: I have a floor model stereo from the that my brother gave to me. I want to replace everything on it. The floor model cabinet is still beautiful!

KRK 10S USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

September 19, at 8: Nobody can prove that wrong from this test, but that conclusion would in fact be wrong. The right conclusion apparently is that most people cannot tell cannot given their equipment and or disposition to take notice.

Oct 17,  · Hooking up Studio Monitors to Mixer Alright guys, I would like to hook up my KRK RP5 G2’s to my Behringer VMX DJ mixer but Im unsure how to do it. The main outputs of the mixer are labelled ‘AMP’ ‘BOOTH’ and ‘TAPE’, all with RCA connections.

The cable source can come directly from the coaxial cable connection, or you can connect the tuner to your cable box’s “Video Out” ports. Select the highest-quality video source that your devices support, starting with HDMI, followed by component cable, then S-Video, then composite cable or coaxial cable as a last resort. Because HDMI connections transmit both audio and video signals, if your monitor has built in speakers, you do not need separate audio cables when connecting the tuner to your monitor.

If your monitor does not have built-in speakers, connect your external speakers to the “Audio Out” port on your tuner using the appropriate audio cables supported by your external speakers. If your monitor only has one input source, you do not need to select the input source. Tips Due to the fact that many cable and satellite companies broadcast channels digitally, a digital TV-to-PC tuner is recommended to take advantage of the full range of channels available from your cable provider.

Because many digital cable boxes act as a digital tuner, inspect your cable box for the appropriate outbound connections and connect them to your monitor to determine if you need to purchase a separate TV-to-PC tuner. You must change channels from the TV-to-PC tuner due to the fact that computer monitors do not have channel or volume controls. Some monitors include a built-in TV tuner. Consult your monitor’s user manual to determine if your monitor supports this feature.

Warning Analog TV tuners cannot display channels broadcast through your provider’s digital feed, limiting the available channels at your disposal.

Live Sound Sound System Design and Setup for a Live Band

Originally Posted by R01 This is how I would go about it, and will hopefully fix your problem. The M-Audio interface is 4×4, and that isn’t always counting the headphone out depends on make. One of the inputs will be used for the mic, that’s a given. You should be hooking up your monitors with the TRS balanced outputs.

Aug 22,  · What’s up, I have some Rokit5s on the way and I’m going to go get the wires in the mean time. What wires do I need to hook them up to my computer? I lo Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Registration benefits include: KRK Rokit 5 monitors. uptoolate / .

Just connect the component cable to your Playstation 2 and switch box. There are five color-coded ports on the switch box that will match the component cable to make it easy. For the computer, it can be a little confusing, so I have broken it down into video and audio: Video Here is an image showing the common computer plugs in case you are unsure of what you have.

VGA – If your monitor connects to the computer using a VGA cable, start by disconnecting the monitor from the computer. You’ll now have two video cables going into your monitor, and you will need to switch video sources directly on the monitor when you want to switch between PS2 and computer. Plug the audio cable from the speakers to the Audio Output on the switch box. Then use a 3. If your sound system has multiple input sources, you can use both digital and analog, and use the sound system controls to switch between them.

I have a 5. I connect the 3 analog cables from the speaker controller to my computer, and a digital optical cable from the controller to my PS2. To play the PS2 I press the Source button on the controller to change the source from analog direct computer to digital optical PS2. Another option is to just unplug the sound cable from your computer and plug it into the VGA box or the PS2.

KRK Rokit 5 PC hook up

Well, yeah, headphones are good to carry with you at all times, but after testing the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor, we can tell you an excellent new option has emerged. Either way, portability is usually not in the cards due to the large footprint and weight of the speakers. IK Multimedia has positioned the iLoud Micro Monitor to bridge this gap, delivering high quality truthful and flat studio monitors that are also extremely portable, yet are priced more on the budget end of the spectrum.

Who Are These Monitors For? Of course, you need a way to get music into your computer , and out of it.

Hi there, I am currently looking into buying a pair of KRK Rokit studio monitors, and I want to connect them up to my tv, so that the monitors will be used for tv audio. how would I go about connectin.

Fun Stuff How to Setup Dual Monitors in Windows Setting up dual monitors used to be an expensive and complicated task back in the days, but thanks to cheap graphics cards and cheap monitors, pretty much any modern computer can support dual monitors nowadays. In addition, the latest versions of Windows support a lot of features natively that you previously could only get using third-party dual monitor software. For example, each monitor can have its own taskbar and Start button, which is nice.

Also, each monitor can have a different background or you can use a single panoramic picture and have it span both desktops. Well, obviously, you need two monitors! So what kind of monitors do you need? Do they have to be the same? Luckily, the monitors do not need to be the same.

SOLVED: How do I connect active powered monitor speakers

I don’t see how that applies to this situation but I’m not an SLI expert. What kind of slots do you have open on your motherboard? What you really need is some way to get enough video cards in your PC to drive 5 independent monitors. If you have an open PCI Express x1 slot, there are a number of cards with dual outputs you could use. That gets you to 4 monitors pretty easily. Then you’ll just need a slot for the 3rd video card.

Even if you avoid backing the monitors up against the wall, reflections from room boundaries will still affect the sound. Ideally, you’ll want to position the speakers symmetrically—that is, equidistant from the walls to the left and right of the primary listening position—the “sweet spot”.

Can you explain that last part please? I am not following it Thank you Click to expand The crossover is variable, but that variability only applies to the SUB, it will not affect the speaker outs. That means there is a non-adjustable crossover on the feed to the speakers from the sub, and if it is something high such as Hz, then it may not be the optimum crossover point for the speakers. Did they come as a set or are recommended to work with each other?

It very well could be 80Hz though Your receiver will control the crossover between your monitors and your subwoofer. Refer to your manual and look for the section on setting the crossover Now, on the back of your subwoofer either hit ‘crossover bypass’ if available or turn the crossover all the way up to Hz. The reason for doing this is because you don’t want the crossover slope of your receiver getting interference by your subwoofer crossover. So, that gets it out of the way. You are bypassing the crossover on your subwoofer and using the crossover in the receiver instead.

What cables/wires do I need for my setup

A thorny subject to be sure, with as many opinions as is believable. As with microphones and sequencers, the debate often turns into flame-fests. Yet there has been some progress in our understanding of monitors. Nearly everyone seems to agree that one needs a “near field” monitor to accurately assess the music they are creating.

A near field monitor is one that you keep pretty close to you, typically between feet.

Apr 21,  · My moms TV sound sucks, so I gave her very good powered studio monitors, since i m no longer using them. The issue is the speaker volume can not be controlled by the TV, so I need the “in between” device to manage volume to the monitors.

There are plenty of suitable—even excellent—studio monitors out there, at all sizes and price points, but setup is just as critical as choosing a good pair. A flawed or problematic setup—even with good speakers—can get in the way of achieving the best recordings and mixes. Here are 6 suggestions—things to avoid—to get the best results. Avoid the Hype Consumer speakers are often designed to make everything played through them sound as good as possible. However, this is not the goal for studio monitors.

Fortunately, most speakers sold as studio monitors shoot for a more desirable neutral balance, capable of providing a proper reference for decision making.

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What is the Jam Night program and how can I be included? As an extension of your lessons, Jam Nights are a fun, casual way to meet and play with others. To help put you at ease, we’ll match musicians of similar skill level together so you can easily swap great musical ideas. All Jam Nights are free for our students. What is the Rockshow program? This unique Guitar Center program matches you with other musicians of similar skills and musical interests, regardless of your playing experience.

Nov 29,  · How to hook up KRK Rokit 5 monitors to laptop Hello, I was wondering how to hook up two KRK Rokit 5 monitors to my laptop. I just need to know .

The secondary display can work as an extension of the original screen, giving you more screen real estate, or as a duplicate screen. Dual-monitor support is widespread; it is even found on modern laptops and all-in-one computers. Dual-Monitor Supporting Graphics Card A quick way to check if a graphics card can support two monitors is to look at the back of the card: Laptops that feature an outgoing connector also support an external second monitor.

A desktop computer without a dual-monitor supporting graphics card can be upgraded with a either PCI Express or PCI graphics card, depending on what expansion slot types the motherboard supports. Monitors Obviously you need to have two monitors to run a dual-monitor setup. The two monitors do not need to be from the same manufacturer, to use the same connection type, to be the same size or display the same resolution:

How To: Hook up a Monitors to an Audio Interface